Modern 3-D construction, the basis for efficient manufacture

If you wish a cooperation from the start...


FUCO-HEG offers the complete range of developments and konstructions up to the maufacturing.
A further advantage is the own electroniks department. From the circuit layout to the programming, cabling, switchboard construction, mounting etc. A range of manufacture that convinces.
What counts ist he fastest and most economical way to the solution.


Talk to us about a optimal design / Auslegung  of your sructural elements, you components, machines or systems ? about feasibility, tolerance, production dates etc. With the help of our 3D construction programm we submit you suggestions for the economical solution of your problem and create in the Auftragsabgleich  the ?drawing(s)?  for the release.

With 3D all is transparent, down to the smallest detail... and in any perspective.

Our construction- and project team is ready to answer any questions to the construction and development.
You can send your drawings via e-Mail as drw, dwg or dxf.