Industrial cleaning and degreasing plants with aqueous cleaning media

FUCO-HEG cleaning plants prove their worth every day in the High-Tech field of the automotive industry, its components supplier industry as well as in companies of the transport industry - bus, rail and aircraft.
Depending on the tasks these plants are equipped with bath treatment systems, recycling systems and other filter plants. All plants are constructed 3-D-based and designed with SPS-controls, which correspond with the respective state-of-the-art technology.

We supply cleaning plants for maximum demands with regard to function and degree of use. Our experienced team is a guarantee for interference-free operation.

FUCO-HEG - metal cleaning processes:

  • low pressure / high pressure
  • Immersion / spraying
  • Dry cleaning
  • De-greasing plants for new and repaired parts
  • one- and multi-zone plants
  • Vacuum drying
  • Ambient air drying
Fixed-cycle continuous
Fixed-cycle continuous
Cylinder crank housing
Cylinder crank housing
  • flexible cleaning of various cylinder heads in mix operation
  • Specific cleaning with high pressure technology
  • Maximum flexibility through flexible cleaning systems and high pressure robot technology
  • For best cleaning results to satisfy maximum demands of stipulations for cleanliness.

For complex parts such as e.g.

  • Cylinder crank housing
  • Cylinder head
  • Gear unit housing
  • Crank shaft
  • Cam shaft
  • Specific cleaning using high pressure technology
  • maximum flexibility through robot technology
  • For best cleaning results to satisfy maximum demands of stipulations for cleanliness.
  • Residual dirt values < Customer stipulation

FUCO-HEG - Environmental protection processes:

  • Leach maintenance systems
  • Solid discharge systems
  • Waste water treatment systems
  • Exhaust air systems
Chamber cleaning system in the rotary-cycle process with robot loading

Dry cleaning plant for cylinder heads, interlinked operation:

  • general blow off
  • localised blow off
Continuous cleaning system with full panelling
Compact design of a continuous system


  • General or localised washing systems
  • Multi-bath technology
  • Media processing
  • Special drying systems with or without vacuum technology.
  • Workpiece cooling
  • The most varied transport systems for pallet transport with chain transport or for single parts on chain belt.